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COOLBO is a brand of Zhejiang Yunge Electric Co., Ltd. It is committed to providing customers with car mini refrigerators, car and home dual-use refrigerators, small car refrigerators, van car refrigerators, truck car refrigerators, medical car refrigerators, embedded car refrigerators, off-road vehicle refrigerators, commercial vehicle refrigerators, and vehicle-mounted compressor refrigerators.

These products sell well in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hefei, Guangdong, Shandong, Hebei, Jiangsu and other places.


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The car refrigerator project started in 2008

As a national high-tech enterprise

In 2008, the COOLBO car refrigerator project was launched. After the Shanghai Shengyu Group invested heavily and integrated resources, Zhejiang Yunge Electric Co., Ltd. was established.

With the excellent product design and development team, so far, our company has obtained nearly 50 core patents. Due to strong independent research and development capabilities, Zhejiang Yunge Electric Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of COOLBO, was rated as a high-tech enterprise in Hangzhou in 2017. And subsequently obtained a number of professional factory certifications such as ts16949, bsci and so on. The product with beautiful appearance and exquisite interior sells well in many countries and regions such as the United States, Europe, Australia, South Korea, Japan, and the Middle East. It is widely used in different vehicles such as cars, SUVs, MVPs, RVs, trucks, and yachts. It is also applied in many aspects, including outdoors, off-road, business, fishing, self-driving tours, cold chain transportation and drug transportation. In the future, Icesmith will continue to innovate and carry out a series of global brand operations. With high-quality and well-reputed products and service, we will become one of the outstanding solution providers to the global mobile cold chain problem, and keep food fresh for you on the road.

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Six advantages, trustworthy


Full Market research

Care about market trends, research and design new products that meet market trends and consumer needs.


Professional R & D team

Work closely with the sales team to develop product lines which are directly related to customer needs, market trends and industry development.


Excellent Product quality

Before the product leaves the factory, it passes 10 strict quality inspections.


Exquisite Appearance

We have a patent of appearance design. The style is diverse and exquisite, and it is deeply loved by users.


Multiple Patent Certificates

We have obtained ts16949, bsci and other professional factory certifications, as well as product certifications required by various markets, which can guarantee quality.


Efficient After-sales service

We have established an after-sales service group between engineers and customers, which is convenient for solving any problems of customers at any time.

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