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Car Refrigerator And Household Refrigerator—The Two Are Very Different

Summary:   Car fridge refrigerator and household refrigerators are both household appliances, but they have obvious differences in working principle and perfo...

  Car fridge refrigerator and household refrigerators are both household appliances, but they have obvious differences in working principle and performance. Of course, this is also due to the different needs of the two. What is the difference between the two?

  In terms of working principles, the car refrigerator is similar to the household refrigerator, but the condenser of the household refrigerator is relatively large, and it is connected to the outer casing, so it does not need a fan for slight heat. Due to the limited space of automotive compressor refrigerators, it is necessary to increase the fan to reduce the temperature of the condenser, which is more stringent in terms of manufacturing technology and process requirements. Household refrigerators use AC compressors, which cannot be used under vibration or tilt; while car refrigerators use DC compressors, which are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and can work stably under bumps, vibrations, etc., and have higher technical requirements, so the product cost higher cost.

  Due to the requirements of the outdoor use environment, the car refrigerator has more complete functions. If equipped with a strap, etc., it is convenient to carry accessories. The low voltage protection function can protect the safe use of the power supply battery. The intelligent fault detection function can display the possible cause of the fault through the error indicator and LED so that the fault can be eliminated in time. There is also an emergency mode EMERGENCY switch, which can keep the refrigerator in a cooling state and maintain the temperature in the box when the control circuit is invalid. Moreover, it uses environmentally friendly materials and has standard safety certifications required by the automotive industry such as vehicle e4, TUV/GS, and EMC. It is stricter than household refrigerators in terms of use environment and material requirements.

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