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Icesmith car refrigerator manufacturer Yunge Electric sends birthday wishes to employees

Summary: Icesmith Car refrigerator manufacturer Yunge Electric sends birthday wishes to employees On January ...

Icesmith Car refrigerator manufacturer Yunge Electric sends birthday wishes to employees

On January 29, 2021, as the Spring Festival is about to usher in, Zhejiang Yunge Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. held a warm, lively and beaming birthday party for its employees. This birthday party is divided into two parts: the WeChat cloud birthday party attended by all employees and the sweet sharing birthday party for birthday employees offline!

WeChat Cloud Birthday Party

The half-hour birthday party on the cloud was wonderful, happy red envelope grabbing, fierce gaming, and a talent contest where employees sent sincere blessings to birthday employees and the company, making time pass too fast and making employees happy. It's still exhausting. In the final evaluation, five people received exquisite gifts. "Life on the Cloud is Extraordinarily Wonderful" was awarded the best blessing, which means that the Yunge people under the epidemic are still lively and passionate!

Offline birthday party

Birthday employees share a sweet birthday party offline. Company managers and birthday employees gather together to share birthday cakes, sing birthday songs, and make birthday wishes.

While each employee received the blessings of the company and every colleague, he also received a small gift carefully prepared by the company: Dove (Defu) chocolate means sweetness and towel gift means health and warmth. The Spring Festival is approaching, with sincere blessings and joyous response, each smiling face is reflected in the gorgeous small fireworks, this is the march of Yunge people working together to create a better future! Every Yunge person will have a sweet, healthy, and happy life!

Yunge people are willing to dedicate this happiness and sincerity to the market with car mini refrigerators and dual-use refrigerators for cars and homes, and to give back to our customers for their dependence and support. Welcome to consult Yunge Electric!

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