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Summary: We are a car fridge freezer manufacturers. Here are a few key parameters and points for car refrigerator purchases to help you buy car refrigerators!...

 We are a car fridge freezer manufacturers. Here are a few key parameters and points for car refrigerator purchases to help you buy car refrigerators!

  1. Usage scenarios

  The usage scenario should be our most concern, and it can be simply divided into a dedicated car refrigerator and a dual-use car refrigerator. For car owners who are not outdoors and traveling all year round, a dual-use car refrigerator will be the first choice; if you are traveling all year round and outdoors, then a dedicated car refrigerator may be more suitable.

  2. Volume

  Regardless of whether the car refrigerator is placed in the car or at home, we always consider whether it can be put down and take up no space, that is, the size of the car refrigerator. Obviously, we only need to consider whether it can fit in the car, because the space at home will be much larger than that in the car. Therefore, when buying, you need to see if the size of the car refrigerator can fit your car.

  3. Volume

  After talking about the volume, that is, the outer size of the refrigerator, let's talk about the volume of the car refrigerator. This parameter can affect how many things are put in and what classifications can be made. Generally, 10L~30L car refrigerators are more common.

  4. Door opening method

  There are two ways to open the refrigerator, horizontal and vertical. The vertical type is the open door of the refrigerator we usually see; the bedroom is the way the upper cover is opened.

  5. Wiring method

  This point may also be of great concern to us. When our car refrigerator is bought, how should it be installed and what kind of electricity should be used? Normally, when the car refrigerator is used in the car, it is connected to the port of the cigarette lighter in the rear seat or trunk. The current car refrigerator will have the function of battery protection so that after the flame is turned off, the battery will not lose power.

  6. Refrigeration principle

  Originally, this parameter can not be talked about because our purpose is to refrigerate. We don't need to care about how to refrigerate it. However, for the sake of popular science, I think we can still talk briefly.

  First of all, I want to make a digression. Some car refrigerators can heat up. There are two principles of refrigeration, one is the compressor principle, which is the same as our usual refrigerator principle; the other is the semiconductor heating and cooling box. In terms of work efficiency, compressor-type car refrigerators have much better effects whether they are refrigerated or quick-freezing. Generally, semiconductor-cooled car refrigerators will have to wait a while before you can drink iced drinks after getting in the car, which is relatively inefficient.

  We have many types of car refrigerators, such as car portable fridge freezer, etc. Welcome to visit our company!

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