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Summary:   Semiconductor car fridge refrigerators will also encounter some problems after a period of use. Regarding how to break these problems caused by the...

   Semiconductor car fridge refrigerators will also encounter some problems after a period of use. Regarding how to break these problems caused by the machine itself or external reasons, the applicable people will give you answers then.

1. The refrigerator is noisy

   The problem of high noise in semiconductor refrigerators is generally on the addict, which directly affects the cooling effect of the semiconductor refrigerator. The compressor also produces noise, so the compressor refrigerator must be fairly loud, but there are also compressor refrigerators that have done a good job in compressor noise reduction technology. However, first check the addict, the noise of the addict is naturally loud when it's growing, If the noise is planted. The alternate is to check the compressor (if there's a compressor), if the sound of the compressor is abnormal, you have to find the manufacturer to repair it.

2. No refrigeration

   For semiconductor refrigerators, first, check whether the addict is running. Second, check the product current. However, it's safe to say the Peltier, PCB, or cutout is fine If it's close to 5amps. However, check the voltage at the connection of the Peltier element on the PCB, If there's no current. Also, if it shows 12V or advanced, also the PCB and thermal fuse are good, and it's recommended to replace the Peltier element. However, check the fuse to determine whether it's the PCB or the fuse is broken, If there's voltage. However, you have to find the manufacturer for the form, If these aspects are checked and there's no problem. Of course, to check these particulars, you must-have tools. However, you can only be in a hurry, If you do not have tools. Compressor refrigerators aren't recommended for in-depth examinations, because the technology of the compressor is more complicated.

3. High power consumption

   The refrigerator doesn't have a low-voltage protection device. After the auto is turned off, I forgot to turn off the power of the refrigerator. The refrigerator has been working all the time, and it has been consuming electricity from the auto battery, which directly leads to the failure of ignition when the auto is started again. Thus, it's recommended to buy an auto refrigerator with a low-voltage protection device, buy a voltage protection device, or remember to directly power off the refrigerator after parking.


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