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In Addition To The Cooling Method, You Also Need To Pay Attention To These Points - About Mobile Car Freezer

Summary:Semiconductor refrigerators relying on electronic chips for refrigeration have two functions: cooling and heating. The refrigeration temperature range...

Semiconductor refrigerators relying on electronic chips for refrigeration have two functions: cooling and heating. The refrigeration temperature range is between 5 and 65 degrees. In refrigeration, it is generally 10 to 15 degrees lower than the ambient temperature, while the heating temperature can be as high as 65 degrees. The advantages of semiconductor refrigerators are that they can not only cool and heat, but also save energy, protect the environment, and have no pollution. Compared with compressor refrigerators, the cost is also lower. However, the shortcomings of semiconductor refrigerators are also very obvious. The refrigeration efficiency of semiconductor refrigerators is not high, the refrigeration temperature is affected by the ambient temperature, cannot reach below zero, and the capacity is small.

From the user's point of view, although the car refrigerator can better preserve food, people can also enjoy delicious food during the journey. However, this demand is still an improvement demand. In order to be popularized, the price of the car refrigerator still needs to be recognized by users. Secondly, when purchasing a car refrigerator, you need to pay attention to whether it has the following functions:

1. Anti-vibration and anti-shake: The car is constantly vibrating during driving, and the car refrigerator needs good anti-vibration and anti-shake performance to ensure normal use.

2. Battery protection: No matter what type of refrigerator, you need to use the vehicle power supply as the working energy. After the vehicle is turned off, the battery will continue to supply power to the refrigerator. At this time, the battery protection can ensure that enough power is retained in the battery to ensure the normal ignition of the car. .

3. Anti-electromagnetic interference: There are many electronic products in the car, and various electromagnetic interference affects the normal operation. It is necessary to ensure that the electromagnetic interference of the car refrigerator does not interfere with the normal operation of other electrical appliances, and to protect the safe use of various electronic devices in the car.

4. Anti-fall protection: The compressor-type refrigerator cannot be tipped over, otherwise the compressor will be damaged. The on-board refrigerator can prevent the environment from being complicated and the possibility of tipping is high. The anti-falling protection can ensure that the compressor will automatically stop when the tilt exceeds 45°, thereby protecting the service life of the compressor.


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