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Summary:   We know that the car refrigerator is a very popular tool, here you may not know that there are many types of car refrigerators, and there are diffe...

   We know that the car refrigerator is a very popular tool, here you may not know that there are many types of car refrigerators, and there are differences between each type of refrigerator.

  1. Energy storage car refrigerator

    The energy storage car refrigerator itself does not have cooling capacity, and its shell is made of thermal insulation material, which is cooled and insulated by the energy storage box, as shown in Figures 7-5. The contents of the energy storage box are polymer gel and anti-freezing factor, which can store both cold and heat, are non-toxic, non-corrosion, not afraid of collision, and can be recycled. When it is necessary to refrigerate, put the energy storage box in the refrigerator or freezer first, freeze it for 10 hours and then put it into the incubator. The temperature of the box can be stabilized below 15 °C for up to 20 hours. When it needs to be stored hot, put the energy storage box in the microwave oven, heat it for 2 minutes, and then put it into the incubator. The box temperature can be stable above 40 ℃ for about 4 hours.

    2. Semiconductor car refrigerator

    The basic structure of the semiconductor car refrigerator is: connect the P-type semiconductor, N-type semiconductor, copper plate and copper wire into a loop, the copper plate and the wire only play a conductive role, the circuit is powered by 12V DC, after the current is turned on, one contact becomes cold (inside the refrigerator), another connector for heat dissipation (radiator behind the refrigerator). Semiconductor electronic refrigeration, also known as thermoelectric refrigeration, is a refrigeration method using the "Peltier effect". The principle is: the charge carrier moves in the conductor to form a current. Since the charge carrier is in different energy levels in different materials when it moves from a high energy level to a low energy level, it will release excess heat; Absorbs heat from the outside world (i.e. acts as cooling).

    3. Compressor type car refrigerator

     The structure and working principle of the compressor type car refrigerator are basically the same as that of the household refrigerator, the difference is that the car refrigerator uses the car 12V DC power supply. The compressor refrigeration refrigerator adopts a DC compressor, which uses the principle of cold and heat exchange. When the refrigerant in the evaporation plate changes from liquid to gas, the heat will be absorbed. The compressor compresses and collects the refrigerant and sends it to the condenser, and discharges the absorbed heat to the atmosphere. The refrigerant returns to the liquid state and returns to the condenser plate to start a new round of refrigeration cycle.


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