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Summary:   The car fridge refrigerator can make people feel a little cool in the hot summer, but it is necessary to know its minimum cooling temperature. Anot...

   The car fridge refrigerator can make people feel a little cool in the hot summer, but it is necessary to know its minimum cooling temperature. Another point to understand is that the refrigeration effect of the semiconductor car refrigerator is not obvious, and the cooling speed is slow. In addition, the semiconductor car refrigerator has other usage issues.

1. The refrigerator is noisy

The problem of loud noise in semiconductor refrigerators is generally on the fan, which directly affects the cooling effect of the semiconductor refrigerator. The sound of compressor refrigerators is definitely relatively loud, but there are also compressor refrigerators that have done a good job in compressor noise reduction technology. If the noise is found, first check the fan, the noise of the fan is naturally loud; secondly, check the compressor. If the compressor has abnormal sound, you have to find the manufacturer to repair it.

2. No refrigeration.

For semiconductor refrigerators, first, check whether the fan is running; second, check the product currently. If it's close to 5 amps, it's safe to say the Peltier element, PCB, or cutout is fine; if there's no current, check the voltage at the Peltier element connection on the PCB. If it shows 12V or higher, then the PCB and thermal fuse are good, and it is recommended to replace the Peltier element. If there is no voltage, check the fuse to determine whether it is the PCB or the fuse is broken.

3. The actual temperature does not match the displayed temperature

For users who use a car refrigerator to transport pharmaceutical preparations, they have high-temperature requirements. Before the car refrigerator is officially used, it is best to measure the temperature in the box. However, when measuring, it should be noted that the temperature displayed on the refrigerator display is not necessarily the same as the temperature measured when the thermometer is hung, because the location of the measuring point is different. Just like a home refrigerator, the temperature on the side of the door is not the same as the temperature on the inside of the refrigerator.

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