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Summary: Semiconductor electronic refrigerators can only cool or heat, but cannot make ice. They cannot be used to store frozen foods such as ice cream, and d...

 Semiconductor electronic refrigerators can only cool or heat, but cannot make ice. They cannot be used to store frozen foods such as ice cream, and do not have the same cooling effect as compressor refrigerators. Semiconductor electronic refrigerators can only be lowered to a temperature of 20°C-25C lower than the ambient temperature, and the lowest temperature can be cooled to 5C, but it does not mean that when the ambient temperature is 10°C, the inside of the box can be lowered to -10C. (Some models may have frost when the ambient temperature is lower than 15 degrees)

 The service life of a semiconductor refrigerator is generally about 3 years, because the normal service life of its semiconductor refrigeration sheet is more than 100,000 hours, and the life of the fan and other components is generally 1 to 3 years. Differences.

 In the process of use, if the refrigeration effect of the semiconductor refrigerator is not good, you need to understand these reasons:

 (1) If the extension cable is too long, the input voltage will be too low, which will affect the cooling effect. Poor ventilation will also affect the cooling effect, and the placement position can be adjusted;

 (2) Too much dust will affect heat dissipation: resulting in poor cooling. You can clean the dust on the radiator and fan according to the instructions in the manual.

 (3) For products with fans inside the heating and cooling box, please keep the air supply vents unobstructed.

 In daily use, also pay attention to these points

 (1) Keep the air vents and heat dissipation holes of the car refrigerator unblocked, and pay attention to cleaning the dust on the fan or dust cover in time;

 (2) Do not stuff items into the heat dissipation holes and air inlet holes of the car refrigerator, and keep away from the heat source when the car refrigerator is used;

 (3) When the heating function and the cooling function are switched, the power must be turned off, and the refrigerator must be turned on after waiting for 5 minutes.

 (4) When cleaning the car refrigerator, please turn off all power, please do not use hard objects and strong detergents to clean the refrigerator.

 (5) When the air humidity is high or the moisture content items are stored in the semiconductor refrigeration products, the condensed water will also be generated, just wipe it off.

 Only by doing these points can we minimize the loss of parts of the semiconductor refrigerator and prolong the service life of the refrigerator.


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