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Advantages Of Car Fridge Refrigerator

Summary:The car refrigerators are designed to take the high-end route, so this car refrigerator looks very tall and its performance is also very online. In so...
The car refrigerators are designed to take the high-end route, so this car refrigerator looks very tall and its performance is also very online. In some respects, it also hangs a lot of compressor car refrigerators. Since its listing, It is very popular among off-road enthusiasts.

Now, let’s take a look at what are the advantages of this high-end car refrigerator?

1. Three ways to open the door
The car fridge refrigerator has no distinction between the front and the back, because its door can be opened from any side, and even the entire door can be taken down. The door can be taken down entirely. This design is very intimate because it breaks the limit of the height of the trunk door. In this way, when you open the refrigerator in the trunk, you will not encounter the embarrassing situation that the trunk height is not enough and the refrigerator cannot be opened.

2. The refrigeration temperature is as low as -26℃
The cooling temperature of compressor car refrigerators is generally -18℃, but the cooling temperature of car refrigerators can be as low as -26℃. Such a low temperature can kill many refrigerators and meet the needs of deep freezing.
In addition to the low cooling temperature, its cooling effect is also very good. In the case of an ambient temperature of 25°C and no load, it can cool to -18°C at an extremely fast speed in about 40 minutes.
Refrigeration and freezing zones car refrigerators are divided into two areas. The larger area has a lower temperature and can be used for freezing, and the smaller area has a higher temperature and can be used for refrigeration. One box can realize the two functions of refrigeration and freezing at the same time, which can meet the different temperature requirements of different ingredients.

3. 50mm thick sealing insulation layer
Buying a compressor car refrigerator is not only better than the cooling effect? How about better than the insulation effect?
The thickness of the insulation layer is as high as 50mm. This thickness is also used in many car refrigerators. In addition, the new high-pressure microcellular foaming technology is adopted, the inner hole size is small, and the wall around the hole is thick. This way, it can not only effectively prevent the loss of cold air. , Can also effectively isolate the external high temperature. Is it possible to prevent the loss of air-conditioning inside and the intrusion of the high temperature outside, so the insulation performance is not good? With strong heat preservation, the power-off and cold storage capacity will be strong!

4. Anti-vibration and anti-shake
Because this high-end car refrigerator is specially built for off-road enthusiasts, it can keep the "fresh" escort for off-road enthusiasts, and the anti-vibration and anti-shake performance, of course, needless to say! To look at the anti-shake and anti-shake performance of a car refrigerator depends on the anti-shake and anti-shake performance of its compressor. From the perspective of the internal design of the car refrigerator, there are reinforcing bars installed on both sides of the compressor, which greatly enhances the anti-vibration and anti-shake performance of the compressor.
In addition, before the refrigerator leaves the factory, it will undergo relevant strict tests, such as 220 vibration tests per minute, and box-fall tests. Only when the test is qualified, the refrigerator will get the factory number plate.
Therefore, when you buy a car refrigerator off-road, you can pick the car refrigerator, which has excellent performance and does not lose money!

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