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Car Portable Fridge Freezer Principle

Summary:   The car portable fridge freezer. As a continuation of the household refrigerator, the use of a semiconductor electronic refrigeration technology, o...

  The car portable fridge freezer. As a continuation of the household refrigerator, the use of a semiconductor electronic refrigeration technology, of course, it can also be refrigerated by the compressor. - Generally speaking, car refrigerator has less noise and pollution. You can cool the refrigerator by simply inserting the power plug into the cigarette hole while driving.

  The market is now mainly the following two kinds of vehicle-mounted refrigerators: semiconductor vehicle-mounted refrigerator and compressor vehicle-mounted refrigerators.

  1. The principle of semiconductor on-board refrigerators is refrigeration by specific electronic chips, which is essentially a new refrigeration method by direct current. The refrigeration temperature range of semiconductor onboard refrigerators is between 5 and 65 degrees. The advantages of the semiconductor vehicle refrigerator are both refrigeration and heating, environmental protection, no pollution, small volume, and low noise, and its cost is low. But it also has obvious disadvantages, that is, its refrigeration efficiency is not high capacity is also small, refrigeration temperature will be affected by the environmental temperature, refrigeration can not reach below zero.

  2, the refrigeration temperature of the compressor vehicle refrigerator is relatively low, which is -18 degrees to 10 degrees. Compressor car refrigerator refrigeration efficiency is higher, can do ice, preservation and other functions, so the compressor car refrigerator is the mainstream of the future car refrigerator development. The disadvantage of compressor car refrigerator is heavyweight, carry up inconvenient price is high. The compressor of automobile refrigerators is currently the main origin of Germany and Japan.

  - Two, the advantages of car refrigerator

  1, seismic anti-shake: the car refrigerator has good seismic performance, so it is very suitable for the use of the bumpy roads.

  2, battery protection: car refrigerator in use if the battery protection set value will be automatically off, so you can ensure the normal start of the car.

  3, anti-reverse protection: when the vehicle refrigerator is in use, the slight tilt of the box will not affect the normal work of the refrigerator. When the tilt reaches 45° or more, the refrigerator will automatically stop working, so as to protect the compressor.

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