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Summary:The difference between a car fridge refrigerator and a household refrigerator and how to operate it The car refrigerator is a continuation of househol...

The difference between a car fridge refrigerator and a household refrigerator and how to operate it

The car refrigerator is a continuation of household refrigerators. It can use semiconductor electronic refrigeration technology, or it can be refrigerated by compressors. Generally speaking, there is little noise and pollution. When driving, just insert the power plug into the cigarette lighter hole to cool the refrigerator.

  There are two main types of car refrigerators on the market. One is the semiconductor car refrigerator. Its principle is to rely on electronic chips for cooling. The PN junction composed of special semiconductor materials is used to form a thermocouple pair, which produces the Peltier effect, that is, it is cooled by direct current. A new type of refrigeration method. The refrigeration temperature range is 5 to 65 degrees. The refrigerator has the advantages of cooling and heating, environmental protection, no pollution, small size, low cost, no vibration, noise, and long life. The disadvantage is that the refrigeration efficiency is not high, the refrigeration temperature is affected by the ambient temperature, the refrigeration cannot reach below zero, and the capacity is small. The other is a compressor car refrigerator. The compressor is the traditional technology of traditional refrigerators. The refrigeration temperature is low at -18 degrees and 10 degrees. High refrigeration efficiency, ability to make ice, keep fresh, and large size are the mainstream direction of the future development of car refrigerators. However, such refrigerators are heavy, inconvenient to carry, and expensive. Compressors The main producing areas of compressors for automobile refrigerators in the world are Germany and Japan.

  The difference between a car refrigerator and a household refrigerator

  1. Anti-vibration and anti-shake: The car refrigerator has good anti-vibration performance and is suitable for use on bumpy roads;

  2. Battery protection: The car refrigerator will automatically power off after reaching the battery protection setting value to protect the car from starting normally;

  3. E-mark (electromagnetic interference): When the electronic control module of the car refrigerator works, it does not interfere with the electromagnetic interference of other electronic products in the car, and it will not affect the normal use of the car battery;

  4. Anti-falling protection: When the car refrigerator is used, a slight tilt will not affect the normal operation. When the tilt reaches 45° or more, it will automatically stop working to protect the compressor;

  The reason for the difference:

  1. The car is constantly vibrating during driving, and good anti-vibration and anti-shake performance can ensure the normal use of the car refrigerator;

  2. The car refrigerator is used with a cigarette lighter in the car. When the car is turned off, the battery will continue to supply power to the refrigerator. At this time, the battery protection can ensure that sufficient power is retained in the battery to ensure the normal ignition of the car, thereby protecting the safety of the battery. ;

  3. There are many electronic products in the car, and various electromagnetic interference affects the normal operation. E-mark can ensure that the electromagnetic interference of the car refrigerator does not interfere with the normal operation of other electrical appliances, and protect the safe use of various electronic equipment in the car;

  4. When the compressor is inclined too large, continuous work will cause damage to the compressor and affect its service life. The anti-fall protection can ensure that the compressor will automatically stop when the compressor is tilted more than 45°, thereby protecting the service life of the compressor;


  1. Clean the inside of the refrigerator. Do not scratch the inner wall with sharp objects. Try to avoid hard objects hitting the inner wall;

  2. Do not use hard-to-volatile or corrosive liquids to wipe the inside of the box;

  3. Please wipe with a soft cloth and neutral detergent (water or special detergent for refrigerator);

  4. Do not rinse or soak in water to clean the refrigerator.

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