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Summary:   Maintenance of car portable fridge freezer:   1. Clean the inside of the refrigerator. Do not scratch the inner wall with sharp objects. Try to avo...

  Maintenance of car portable fridge freezer:

  1. Clean the inside of the refrigerator. Do not scratch the inner wall with sharp objects. Try to avoid hard objects hitting the inner wall;

  2. Do not use hard-to-volatile or corrosive liquids to wipe the inside of the box;

  3. Please wipe with a soft cloth and neutral detergent (water or special detergent for refrigerator);

  4. Do not rinse or soak in water to clean the refrigerator.

  1. It is used in the car, and the cigarette lighter is connected.

  2. When switching from the heating function to the cooling function, it is recommended to turn off the power and start the car refrigerator after 5 minutes.

  3. Please keep the air vents and cooling holes of the car refrigerator unblocked at any time.

  4. Do not stuff objects into the cooling holes and suction holes of the car refrigerator, and keep away from heat sources when using the car refrigerator.

  5. When cleaning the car refrigerator, please turn off all power sources and do not use strong detergents to clean the refrigerator.

  usage time:

  1. The ambient temperature of the refrigerator: the higher the ambient temperature, the shorter the battery life;

  2. The type and quantity of items stored in the refrigerator: the more items there are, the more electricity the refrigerator needs to consume to maintain the set temperature;

  3. Frequency of opening and closing the door: Frequent opening and closing of the door will increase the power consumption of the refrigerator;

  4. The capacity and power state of the car battery: the larger the battery capacity, the longer the use time; the more sufficient the power, the longer the use time;

  5. The set temperature of the refrigerator: the lower the set temperature, the greater the power consumption;

  6. The setting level of refrigerator battery protection: the higher the battery protection level, the shorter the use time;

  Many high-end cars in the world have adopted the OEM method to embed supporting car refrigerators. This is a real car refrigerator. Many professional enthusiasts and defense forces in Europe, America, Europe, Japan, South Korea have begun to use fully enclosed compression. The refrigerating temperature of the machine's automobile refrigerator can reach minus 18 degrees, and the temperature can be controlled in sections. Most refrigerators can use 220V/110V-12V/24V voltage and automatically convert. This compressor refrigerator uses traditional reciprocating compressors and rotary compressors. Even if the refrigerator is turned over randomly, the compressor will not be damaged. The compressor adopts fully enclosed, fluorine-free and maintenance-free technology, so that the car refrigerator can operate normally when it is reversed. Many car rally races and off-road races use this type of refrigerator.

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