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Summary:At present, the common car fridge refrigerator on the market, according to different classifications, mainly has the following three working principle...

At present, the common car fridge refrigerator on the market, according to different classifications, mainly has the following three working principles:

  The principle of refrigerator refrigeration

  Compressor type: Liquid refrigerant is obtained through mechanical compression (compressor), convection heat exchange (condenser), and throttling and pressure reduction (capillary tube). The liquid refrigerant evaporates into a gaseous state (evaporator) in the refrigerator box, and passes through a phase change. Take away the heat in the box, so as to achieve the cooling effect; finally the gaseous refrigerant returns to the compressor; repeat the above process, the refrigeration system will continuously move the heat in the box to the outside of the box with a source of energy, thereby achieving the cooling effect.

  Electronic semiconductor type: use the Peltier effect of semiconductors for cooling, that is, when semiconductor components are energized, heat will be transferred from one end to the other. The cold end is affixed to the inner liner of the refrigerator through the cold conductive block to achieve the cooling effect; the hot end is passed through the radiator and cooperates with the cooling fan to dissipate heat to the air outside the cabinet.

  Absorption: The refrigeration system uses the characteristic that the condensation points of liquid ammonia and water are different, and uses gas or electric heating rods to heat the ammonia-water mixture, so that the ammonia inside evaporates to form pure ammonia vapor, and then enters the condenser through convection with the air The heat exchange is condensed into liquid ammonia; the liquid ammonia evaporates at low pressure in the evaporator (the helium in the system makes the ammonia partial pressure very low), and the heat in the box is taken away through the phase change of the liquid ammonia; at this time, due to the helium As a result, the ammonia vapor returns to the absorber and forms a high-concentration ammonia-water mixture back to the liquid storage tank to circulate in this way.

  The main components of the compressor type: compressor, condenser, filter drier, capillary tube, evaporator, liquid storage tank, thermostat, tail tube;

  The main components of electronic semiconductor type: semiconductor electronic chip, radiator, conduction block, heat exchange fan;

  The main components of the absorption type: liquid storage tank, generator, condenser, evaporator, absorber;

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