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Pay Attention To These Things When You Use The Car Refrigerator

Summary:     Currently, there are two common car refrigerators on the market. One is a semiconductor car refrigerator, which relies on electronic chips for co...

     Currently, there are two common car refrigerators on the market. One is a semiconductor car refrigerator, which relies on electronic chips for cooling, and the cooling temperature ranges from 5 to 65 degrees. This refrigerator can cool and heat is environmentally friendly, has no pollution, is small in size, and has a relatively low cost. It has neither vibration nor noise when working, and has a relatively long service life. However, the refrigeration efficiency is not high, the refrigeration environment cannot reach below zero, and the volume is small.

     The other is the compressor car refrigerator. The compressor refrigerator only has the cooling function, which can be stably and effectively refrigerated. In many high-end cars and standard cars, compressor refrigerators are used. The compressor is a traditional technology, and the refrigeration temperature is low, at minus eighteen to ten degrees. High refrigeration efficiency, refrigerating, fresh-keeping, and large volume are the main directions for the development of car refrigerators in the future. However, such refrigerators are heavy, inconvenient to carry, and expensive.

     During the use of the car refrigerator, you should pay attention to the cigarette lighter, keep away from the heat source, and pay attention not let water enter the air inlet. Magnetic objects cannot be placed in the car refrigerator, which will affect the cooling chip. When switching from heating to cooling, turn off the power first, then turn it back on after five minutes. Do not place magnetic objects in the car refrigerator, otherwise, the refrigerator will fail. Because the car refrigerator consumes a lot of power, you should also remember to cut off the power of the refrigerator when you turn off the engine to avoid running out of battery power. It is best to configure a multi-function socket in the car to ensure that the car refrigerator, car lights, hands-free equipment, and other electronic devices can be used at the same time.

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