Every time we choose, we are affirmative, and every time we meet, we are well prepared, and we are serious about making compressor car refrigerators. Probably because of this seriousness, we can still grow bigger and bigger in the domestic and international markets without much publicity!

Do you know what kind of test the ice maker car refrigerator has gone through in order to get the ticket to meet you? It's not so much! Before leaving the factory, the ice maker car refrigerator has undergone ten major tests such as high and low temperature and refrigerant leakage. Only if the test is qualified, will you get an admission ticket to meet you. Take a look at what are the top ten tests?

◆Incoming inspection
Market competition is cruel, but never competes with inferior products. The selection of materials is one of the most important manifestations. Only after our strict quality inspection and qualified, we will finally choose.

◆Tightness test
Is it OK to test the airtightness of the refrigerator?

◆Detection of leaking refrigerant
Is there any leakage of refrigerant in the test refrigerator?

◆Vibration test
Under the power-on state, perform a vibration test of 220 times for 1 minute on the refrigerator to see if the refrigerator is shock-proof and anti-shake?

◆Voltage test
Test whether the power adapter is high voltage resistant?

◆High and low-temperature test
Test for 4 hours at a high temperature of 60°C and a low temperature of -30°C to see if the sample is deformed, peeled off, or discolored?

◆Battery protection function test
Test whether the refrigerator's low voltage protection works normally? The refrigerator has a three-level battery protection setting, which automatically cuts off the power at low voltage to protect the car battery.

◆Box drop test
At a height of 80cm, test one corner, three edges, and six sides to see if the refrigerator and packaging are damaged and whether the parts fall off?

◆Salt spray test
Put 5% saltwater in the box and set the temperature to 26℃. Test the stainless steel parts and aluminum inner tank for 108 hours to see if there is corrosion on the surface of the parts.

◆Full inspection
Camping car freezer is also the final 2-hour temperature test to see if the cooling effect is OK?
Why is the quality inspection so strict? Because I just want to meet you in a better state!